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iMC 7.3 and MSM765zl issue

Occasional Contributor

iMC 7.3 and MSM765zl issue

Hello everyone,

I have 4 MSM765zl running in a team.

I'm running iMC 7.3 as below


I configured MSM765zl manager SNMP and Management console as below


I have added the MSM765zl - team manager into iMC successfully, however, the Wireless Service Information menu does not appeared in Device Details and WSM cannot recognize it.

I successfully added MSM710 into iMC and WSM recognized it properly as below


Can anyone tell me how to deal with this issue?


Valued Contributor

Re: iMC 7.3 and MSM765zl issue

I had the same isssue some time ago with my MSM710. It was not recognize by WSM.

I had to uninstall and reinstall the WSM module in order to make it work.

I know that in your case your MSM710 is correctly recognized, but it could be worth to give a try.

Warning! when you remove the WSM module IMC will ask you if you want to delete the WSM database.

If you dont have customized your WSM for the MSM710 answer YES, and it will rebuild a fresh new table set.

Occasional Contributor

Re: iMC 7.3 and MSM765zl issue

I followed your approach but the issue is still there.