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iMC MIgration

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iMC MIgration

How do i correctly migrate from imc V. 7.3 (E0504P04) to V7.3 (E0605P04)?

is ist necessary to istall all patches


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Re: iMC MIgration

You must update to each of the major versions as covered in the release notes:

7.3 E504xxx > 7.3 E506

7.3 E506 > 7.3 E605

7.3 E605 > 7.3 E605P04

You supposedly can skip the patches on the intermediate steps (Pxx)

If you are on vmware or similar then I'd suggest a snapshot after each upgrade step, in case something happens - you don't need to start over. Sometimes if there is an issue with a full step up, applying a patch in between might help.

Figure this will take 2-3 hrs for each step depending. If you are running other modules, you may want to upgrade the major versions of those  in sync along with - don't know if its required but that's how I would go.

Maybe others have a different take on that?

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Re: iMC MIgration

Thank's for support.