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iMC NQA Issue (Need Help)

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iMC NQA Issue (Need Help)

Hi Everyone,

I have difficult on iMC NQA part.
Auto discovered network switch , had few model such as 5800 , 5500 , 5130 and 5120.
Not all of em fall into NQA devices , but all 5130 switch model doing manually/add manually , it shows "NQA not supported device"
Attachment : 
5130- from 2016-10-04 12-38-58.png

Anyone could able to help me out of this? Is about firmware too low or iMC really lack of 5130 supports?

Ian Vaughan
Honored Contributor

Re: iMC NQA Issue (Need Help)


The R3106 SW code is the original production software image from when the switch was launched so it could do with an upgrade to the latest and greatest as a matter of course to pick up any bug fixes and additions to the feature-set. There has been a lot of work gone into the PoE modules for example as well as supporting additional RADIUS extensions for CoA support.

Furthermore - which version of iMC are you using are you bang up to date on that front. You might s well be proactive as supoprt will ask you to update to the latest anyhoo. 

many thanks




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