iMC NTA not working with Brocade MLXe

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iMC NTA not working with Brocade MLXe


We've recently been adding relevant devices to monitor via NTA when we need to, but I'm noticing an issue with our Brocade MLXe.

I've managed to get the NTA to work for our Procurve and FlexNetwork/ FlexFabric switches.

The issue I'm encountering is that while I'm seeing inbound traffic, I'm not seeing outbound. The main difference with this switch is that this is connected to our border router, whereas the HP/ HPE switches are intersite connections.

Below is an example of our config (with obvious omissions shown in <angle> brackets):




sflow agent ip <mgmt vlan ip>

sflow source ip <mgmt vlan ip>

sflow collector 1 ip <nta ip address> port 9020 description iMC-NTA

interface <interface>

sflow flow collector 1

sflow sampling-rate 1000

sflow counter collector 1

sflow counter interval 20



configure terminal

sflow 1 destination <nta ip> 9020

sflow 1 sampling <interface> 1000

(to cancel) sflow 1 sampling <interface> 0

sflow 1 polling <interface> 20

(to cancel) sflow 1 polling <interface> 0




configure terminal

sflow enable

sflow destination <nta ip> 9020

sflow polling-interval 20

sflow sample 1024

interface <interface>

sflow forwarding


The rest of the configuration was made according to