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iMC NTA v7.1 (E0301P08) removed from "current patches"

Neighborhood Admin

iMC NTA v7.1 (E0301P08) removed from "current patches"

Hi Folks,


NTA v7.1 (E0301P08) has been deprecated due to a problem experienced by a small percentage of users who updated from NTA v7.1 (E0301P05) and lost the ability to login to their IMC platform afterwards.


Workaround: Undeploying "Network Traffic Analyzer" and the "Network Traffic Analyzer Server“ recovers access to the platform and other modules.


If you have successfully applied this software version to your iMC installation, and are able to successfully log in to iMC afterward, there is no risk for remaining on this version.


Determination of root cause and resolution of the issue is underway. An update will be posted as soon as available.  


Best regards,


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