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iMC RSM Setup


iMC RSM Setup

I'm seeking a little bit of help with implementing iMC Remote Site Manager.


Firstly the readme provides a list of ports the module binds to, however it does not clarify which ports need to be open between the RSM component and the iMC core.  Which ports must I open in a firewall between RSM and the iMC core?


Secondly I cannot find any information regarding RSM licensing. I understand it uses the licenses held by the iMC core for the number of devices and other modules, but does the RSM application require a license on its own? Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance for any responses!


edit: I'm using Enterprise 7.0 as the core.

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Re: iMC RSM Setup

On the ports, I would have to double check to be sure, but I believe the only ports that need to be accessible are the web ports (default 8080 and https=8443 but configurable during install). 


On the licensing it does pull from the node license count of the main site for the devices it's managing as you mentioned.  RSM itself does require a license applied in the main system.  There is a license required for each RSM deployed.  Without the license in the main system you won't have the RSM function exposed in the GUI, and I believe the RSMs will fail to connect.


Hope it helps,