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iMC how to start.

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iMC how to start.


I'd like to finally install iMC, but need advise how to start. I've downloaded iMC software installation files: and and installed CentOS 7.2.

There is a readme file called: readme_plat_7.2 (E0403).html but there is no information how to install it under CentOS/RedHAT. Do I need Xwindow environment to be installed on the server?

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Re: iMC how to start.

In mean time I found this:

but unfortunately I am getting this:

Do I need to install JDK first?

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Re: iMC how to start.

(I wrote that post on silent installation).

You should not be trying to use the silent install unless you know what you're doing with IMC. It is for a specific setup.

IMC manuals are here:

This document covers how to set up RHEL 7.0 for IMC, including pre-requisite libraries:

This document covers how to configure MySQL

This document covers Centralised Deployment with Embedded DB  It will need some modifications to work with MySQL on Linux. 

You will need X libraries to be able to use the graphical installer. 

If you're not familiar with Linux, you might find it easier to start with the Windows version.

Ian Vaughan
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Re: iMC how to start.


There's also Chris Young's video which is a few years old now but is probably still a good reference to watch before you get started.

One of the comments on the video mentions a gotcha in that even if you folllow the instructions to the letter you can still find yourself locked out of your MySQL database that you've just created. I did exactly teh same thing and IIRC I had to do an uninstall and reinstall of the MySQL DB to fix it and then go through the setup in slow motion following the steps in the manual. 

Once you do have it setup you will be part of a fairly exclusive club though ;-) as most of the world have their iMC on Windows and don't "enjoy" having to run an X server just to open up the deployment tool. 

Watch the video, at least read the MySQL bit of the manual, give it a whirl - we'll help as best we can. 



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