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iMC parameter expression

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iMC parameter expression

IS there documentation for what these expressions are and how to add and change them?

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Re: iMC parameter expression

what do you mean correctly?



NNMi Version 9.10 - Issue with ''Device Profile'' <NON SNMP>

Hi Folks,


I'm very new to HPOV NNMi-Version 9.10 ..Lately I've been trying to configure the Server to NNMi in order to monitor it.


But for some reason it says in the Inventory window where we can see all the nodes which have been added by us.For one particular server it says non snmp device.


To my very basic understanding I've checked :


1)Community string on the server and in NNMi.

2)Version of SNMP set on the server

3)SNMP Enabled on the server (which is by default,no one can disable it.)

4)The MIBs are there in NNMi.

5)When some alram  are generated ,I can see the traps coming in in the form of keep alive and notification ,once something is triggered,but again for some reason I don't see the actual alarms.

5)Port settings are all good


PLEASE HELP ME OUT.Any kind of help wil be greatly appreciated.



Thanks & Regards,