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iMC server IP address change

Occasional Advisor

iMC server IP address change

Hello Gents


I have ran into situation when customer needs to change an iMC server IP address.

iMC system runs on windows and has iMC 5.1SP1+UAM+WSM

I know that usually is a pain. I have ran some preliminary test at my lab setup and after an IP address change mschapv2 service does not starts anymore.

Has any of you ran into such a situation and what can be done - if anything? 

Reinstall everything is also an option, i just want to consider all angles.

Second question: how does changing an IP address will affect licenses? Should i recall them and generate new ones?


Thanks in advance

Frequent Advisor

Re: iMC server IP address change

Try changing the server IP address in the file "C:\Program Files\iMC\common\conf\server-addr.xml" after shutting down all iMC processes.


We had the same problem on a test-installation of iMC 7.0. After setting the new server IP address in this file the mschapv2server process started again.


Regards, Leonardo


Regards, Leonardo