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idle timeout- confingure individually has no effect

Occasional Contributor

idle timeout- confingure individually has no effect

i alter the idle timeouot parameter, but it has no effect. i still logs me out after a short period of time, <60min.

is there anyplace else this needs to be set besidesat system->operator->modify->configure individually->ok  ?

i prefer a long timeout period so i don't need to login repeatedly during the day. this is acceptable for me since my

office is physically secure.

Respected Contributor

Re: idle timeout- confingure individually has no effect

You don't mention what version you are using, which may be useful.

I have not found the idle timeout to behave the way I wanted. Prior to the latest patch I had the operator timeout under system settings set to the max 9999999 minutes, which is just over 20 years. Individual operator settings were same as system settings. I wanted to remain logged in and use my console screen lock when I needed to.

But my sessions would terminate in a couple of hours not years, no matter how I set it. After the latest patch 7.3 E0506, it hasn't logged me out for days, so I figured it might be fixed.

After your post I tried global settings of 20 mins and then my account at 10 minutes - still logged in.

Not what you are seeing so wondering about the version.  But looks like something is still broken with that setting

Occasional Contributor

Re: idle timeout- confingure individually has no effect

thanks neil, 4 the rapid response.

i'm currently running:

v7.2 e0403p10

how do i go about applying the patch? which patch?

just run the  system->server info->liveupdate, specifying 'imc software update' ?

i hope the update saves current configs. i don't want to re-create all the graphs, which i use heavily.





Respected Contributor

Re: idle timeout- confingure individually has no effect

Well over the weekend the timeout now seems to be working, so it seems there is a lag time before it took affect..

The liveupdate will allow to download the update files for base platform and each of the modules you may have installed.

To update imc, you need to log into the imc server, run the HP Deployment monitoring agent, and on the monitor tab  press the install and browse to the update package.

You should back up the DB first from the environment tab. Even better, if this is a VM make a snapshot first so you can rool back if problems. The system will be down during update, which can take a fair amount of time, up to an hour if you have a few modules to install.