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imc syslog events

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imc syslog events


I have some problems finding out how i can enlarge the amount of syslog events in the imc syslog database.

I already made some changes in imc (data export, no time en 2 million events), but whatever i do i only see events for 1 hour. Sometimes there are 5.000 another time there are 12.000 syslog events.

I also read somewhere that you can enlarge the syslog database when you disable data export, but how do i do that.


Thanks in advance,






Re: imc syslog events



Try looking in IMC under System > System Configuration > Data Export.


There should be a tab for Syslog where you can modify the Export Triggers associated with the Syslog data.


Hope it helps!

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Re: imc syslog events

The 2 million syslog events are reached very quickly in our network.

How can i disable this data export.

The By Time i can remove, but the by quantity is greyed out.


I have attached an printscreen about this.

Thanks in advance



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Re: imc syslog events

If you're quickly receiving 2 million syslog events, then you probably need to reconsider your overall approach to syslog collection.

I would use a combination of filtering (stop syslogs being generated in the first place, change the level you collect logs at - e.g. disable debug, etc.). If you need to store/parse very large volumes of syslogs, it's probably better to use a dedicated system, such as Graylog2, or Splunk if you can afford it.
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Re: imc syslog events

I have got a different Syslog Event problem. I have to create a Syslog to Alarm event. 

I have created the Syslog Template first then a Syslog to Alarm rule. 

Test showing when the event occur, the related Syslog generated in the Syslog List, and I have also got an Alarm created based on the Syslog message. It seems the system and the settings works well.  

BUT,unfortunately works only ones. Not a single alarm generated after the first. 

I can only make it work if I restart the  IMCFAULTDM.EXE on IMC Server. And again system sends one single alarm.

I have also changed the following settings:

Set Syslog to Alarm - repeat interval second from 300 to 1

Repeat times from 5 to 1


I have also tried to resolve the generated alarm, then tested for a new alarm, but nothing come through.


I have also experienced if the same event occur on a different switch, an alarm generated. But again only ones. 


What am I doing wrong? Or could be a bug?


Thanks much


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Re: imc syslog events

Hello Lajos:
 Do you have solved the issue? I have the same issue, exactly the same.

I thing that is a configuration problem, not a bug.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: imc syslog events


I'm coming across the exact same problem, where to syslog-to-alarm only works first time. Any subsequent similar syslog messages that match the template are not forwarded to alarm

Did you figure out what was causing the issue ?


I followed the condfig guide similar to how you did