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incremental add/remove VLAN to trunk port configuration?

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incremental add/remove VLAN to trunk port configuration?

I want to add a new VLAN to existing trunk ports. I have a core switch with a bunch of access layer switches.


When I use the batch vlan modification for trunk ports,  I have to know what the existing configuration is because I'm sending the whole collection for that port. I don't see an incremental add or subtract capability. 


I guess I could CLI script it with parameters for the vlan...


Or if there was a way to display currently configured PVID and Allowed VLANs for mutliple device trunk ports, I could use that as a reference while setting up the batch. I can see the devices individually, and view/edit the vlans one port at a time.


Both seem like handy features to have. Any other suggestions?

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Re: incremental add/remove VLAN to trunk port configuration?

Few things to check out.


In VLAN Manger go to VLAN Device, select the device with the port you want to modify, hit the configure button on the right of the device line.  You'll should be at the page showing all the VLANs on that device.  Hit the "Trunk Port" tab.  There you will see the trunk ports and associated VLANs.  You can modify from there.


If you want to get really fancy...


In The Network Topology there is a VLAN view icon at the top (second from right).  That will bring up a window with all of the VLANs in the network.  Select the vlan you want to extend and it will grey out all devices and links that are not members of that vlan.


You can then do it a few diffent ways.  If you just want to extend a VLAN across a link to the access switch you can right click on the link between the switches and select add to current VLAN.  It will add the vlan to the downstream device if it's not there already and tag it on that link.


You can also right click a device and select "add to current vlan"... multi select devices and select add VLAN to devices, or add VLAN to Links.  If you chose devices it will give you the opportunity to set the ports involved. 



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Re: incremental add/remove VLAN to trunk port configuration?

Wow, glad I asked. The topo based vlan mgmt is pretty cool!


Some observations:


I could not make the extend a vlan work by link until I first added the vlan to the 2nd device - try to extend the new vlan by adding by link failed. "Operation failed. Some allowed VLANs do not exist on the device."


But with both devices added to the current vlan, adding the link to the vlan adds tags to the ports involved.


Remove link from vlan does as expected, removing the link from vlan removes only the tags from the affected ports.


The multiple selected devices works to allow specific ports is also very useful, but the UI process seems a bit clunky - you could select devices and ports in one step. But it works.


Also allows for one of my use cases (yeah!) where I need to add tag to one side of a link - the other is added by authentication. In that case I just unselect the uneeded device.


BTW In this case, remove link from vlan removes the tag from the side that is tagged - it doesn't fail becasue its assymetric - which is again good for me.


The visuals sometimes don't match, when in doubt resynch.


Big thanks for that!