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performance view: modifying displayed data

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performance view: modifying displayed data



I´m monitoring concurrent logged on clients on my access points with IMC. Looking at the performance view page this is running nicely if a time windows  of 3-4 weeks was queried and is now displayed. For each day there are different measured points.


The problem is, when I select to show the data for several months. Then, for each displayed day, IMC takes data it received at 23:00...


Needless  to say that this doesn´t make sense at all. What I actually want is to get also different measured points displayed for each day, when I query the last months.


Does anyone know, whether can I adjust this?




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Re: performance view: modifying displayed data

Hi Michael,


I think that is because IMC will average data when it is getting older, so at some point you will just get the average users per day.

I do not know the exact algoritm however, and also do not know how certain perf counters can be excluded from the auto summarization (I found some related tables in the DB, but the question will be how support handles changes of the db values ...)


Best regards,Peter