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Re: syslog browser is empty


syslog browser is empty

Hello -

I'm running IMC 7.2 (E0403P10).  I have just recently noticed that I have 0 entries in my syslog browser.  I know for a fact that there used to be entries in there -- but now there are none.

Is it possible that I lost all my syslog?  Also, why would new messages not be populating as all of my network devices are still pointing at IMC as their syslog server...


Honored Contributor

Re: syslog browser is empty

Check that syslog is listening on our system using netstat. Check that devices are sending syslog traffic, and check that syslogs are being received on the server (use Wireshark).

Check that system firewall allows inbound syslog.

Start with that, then we can figure out the next move.

You can also check your exported syslog files to see when they stopped being recorded.