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CISCO IP PHONE 3905 is not working with HP A5120E POE

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CISCO IP PHONE 3905 is not working with HP A5120E POE


I have a network with HP A5120E POE Switches. I have deployed 2 VLANs, one for data and one for voice. I'm using Cisco IP Phones 7945, 6941 and 3905 with 2 network connections, one for the network and one for the PC.

CP-3905 this phone is working with cisco switch without any problem i have checked that.


All phones working fine except 3905 models this model is not able to register.

When i am pluggin this phone to hp switch it showing registering ..........only nothing happening.

All my switches are HPA5120 POE Switch; could anyone can help me solve this issue………


As i said earlier i have two vlans vlan 5 for voice and Vlan 62 for data.


port configuration details


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/2

port link-type hybrid

port hybrid vlan 5 tagged

port hybrid vlan 1 62 untagged

undo voice vlan mode auto

poe enable




pleas help me to sovle this issue ..




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Re: CISCO IP PHONE 3905 is not working with HP A5120E POE

Change the config for the port-type from hybrid to trunk. Get rid of VLAN1 from the trunk.


When you are going with a multi-vendor setup, you need to eliminate anything that is vendor-specific.

The Cisco phones are either "trunk" or "access" (ie, 802.1q enabled, or not), whereas "hybrid" doesn't have an equivalent on the phones.


Next, how does the phone get its config?

Cisco phones with Cisco switches find out the "Voice" VLAN using CDP, but with a non-cisco switch, you might be using DHCP to assign the VLAN, or to assign a config server with uploads the phone's config file.