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Cannot select on called Auto Attendant

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Cannot select on called Auto Attendant

When an external number is called that has an Auto Attendant, the user of a 35XX series phone cannot select any of the options using numbers. The same number is called from a cell phone or a phone at another location and the selections do work. I have looked at the VCX 200 settings as well as the V7111 8-Port FXO settings and cannot find anything wrong that could cause this to happen. The settings were compared to another of the sites using the same VCX/FXO that are configured exactly the same and these worked. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Re: Cannot select on called Auto Attendant

There could be an issue where DTMF tones are not making it all the way to UMS.


You should turn on UMS logging to see if the tones are arriving.



Here's how to turn on the UMS logging:


cd /opt/3com/VCX/UMS/app/remoteCli/bin

./remoteCli ums


config sipc logi=true

config cbilog loga=true



The capture logs will be in



They are:




Then turn off UMS logging by changing true to false in the above statements.


Depending on your version of VCX, the log files might be in a different place.


You can always do this:


cd /opt/3com/VCX/UMS/app

find . -name ums_cbipi.log