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First Time doing Vlan

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First Time doing Vlan

Hello Everyone,

I Need a bit of help.

My compagny bought a HPE SWITCH  1920-24G-Poe+

We want to do some VOIP in a new project.

I'm a beginner, so i need some help.

Before the VOIP project, we didnt have intelligent switch, so no management.

I''ll let you know the situation.

My entire compagny got only one network.


My AD/dhcp/dns is

I know that i have to create 2VLAN

One for "data"

the Other one is for VOIP.

SO I created 2 Vlan

ID                       Name                                 IP                     MASK

5                         VLAN_VOIP                     /24

6                         VLAN_DATA              /24

I have some question, and i dont remember well how it work.

My VLAN DATA must be the same Network than my server etc, or it wont communcate with the PC?

I guess my VLAN VOIP is ok

Now, I have fond on Internet that i need to do some trunk for the port.


Anyone can help me on that?


Thank you 

Best regards



PS: i'm French, i'm sorry about my grammar...

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Re: First Time doing Vlan

Plan your network at an IP level: you have :

Subnet; VLAN ID 6; DATA

Subnet; VLAN ID 5; VOICE

(Many people would have an additional subnet/VLAN for servers).

To communicate between subnets, you need a router. Where is the router?

Make a diagram.

Put in the router address for each subnet - this is the address that the devices in each subnet has to use as their "default gateway". 
If the router for both subnets is on the same device then the two subnets will be able to communicate by default.
Next is DHCP - better to have one DHCP server for the entire network rather than one for each VLAN.
The VLANs that don't have their own DHCP server need an IP Helper address on their router pointing at the DHCP server IP address.

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Re: First Time doing Vlan



Thank you for the anwser.


I dont have a router.

It's a project about VOIP, and it's an external compagny who handle the routing part. They ask me to do this setup, so 

I just have to set the VLAN, and be sure everything work.


the configuration of the VOIP will be  One user==> One IPPHONE, and a PC plugged on the IPPHONE.

So i have done some research, and now my configuration is:




The servers will be one the same VLAN than PC.

I tagged all the port with VLAN 5, and untagged for VLAN 1-6.


As i said, i dont have do the routing part ( because of the projet, and my ressources)

For the DHCP, i already have a DHCP on my server, i'll check what you said about DHCP :)

 Is this conf ok? Or i need to do more setting?


Thank you very much