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QoS Mitel Digital phone with IP backbone (and PCOIP)

Aaron Guske
Occasional Contributor

QoS Mitel Digital phone with IP backbone (and PCOIP)



We currently havea Mitel digital phone system with an IP backend. We created a VLAN for the phone traffic but have not applied any QoS. Very limited experience with QoS (and that was on Cisco equipment). What is the best way to prioritze the traffic over the WAN links? Is this done via vlan-priority? We have 2910s at the edge at all sites that go back to an 8212.


On a side note we also have a VMware View setup and would like to prioritze PCOIP traffic right behind the voice traffic. This is not in a single vlan, however, therefore we would not be able to use vlan-priority I would guess. Not sure how to implement QoS for this one.