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3102B V3000 LCD and CID

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3102B V3000 LCD and CID

Hi all,

      Nice forum...  Is there a way to adjust the LCD on the phones.  The caller id doesnt show all the numbers so you cannot use the redial feature.





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Re: 3102B V3000 LCD and CID



How many NBX systems do you have and I need to know if You are talking inbound / outbound / internal or external calls ? 


On a single NBX system inbound caller id , no you cannot change the caller id of an inbound call . The NBX has a certain amount of characters available in the display for the calle rid field . 


Name and number format from telco  may take up most of these 


If you send calls between sites , depending on the set up ( dial plan ) You may be able to change the caller id .