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3C10116D Digital Line Card - "Card" Led amber

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3C10116D Digital Line Card - "Card" Led amber

One of our line cards stops working once every 2 or 3 days and the only error I can really see is the card led is lit amber.  NetSet displays the card as online and working normal while this is going on.  Reseating it fixes it, but it's only temporary.  We have 2 other line cards of the same type in the chassis and they do not experience the same issue.  I have also swapped the line card with a known good spare we had and also put it in a different slot in the chassis and it experiences the same thing.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what to look at to determine the cause of this?

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Re: 3C10116D Digital Line Card - "Card" Led amber

When the card light is amber, that indicates an issue with one of the software processes on the card.

Only way to get to the bottom of this is to attach a console cable to the card, do an "i" command.. you  will

in all likelihood see a process suspended.

YOu don't mention what version you are running.. is it the latest????


to see if it is a telco issue or a card issue, try swapping the line you have in that card with your other pri cards.

See if the issue follows the card or the line.

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Re: 3C10116D Digital Line Card - "Card" Led amber

Thanks for the reply.  The version we are running is 6.0.63.  We were running 6.5.X versions, but it was causing issues with CDR reports.  The current version we are running appears to be the latest stable version that reports work correctly with.


I was able to look at the tasks while the card was having the issue and the "tISDNReadr" task was in a susspened state.


We have called our carrier to test the line while it was in both and up and down state, and they told us everything tested clean to their smartjack.  Nothing has changed in our cabeling or topolgy and we have been running the current version for at least a year now without the issue.  We have also tried using a different card with the same results.  If it is the TELCO, i'm not sure what we can tell them to convice them that it may be an issue on their end.


Does the tISDNReadr task suspending give you any ideas of what I can look at that would be the cause of it?  If need be, I'm sure I can boot to a newer version and deal with broken reports.  I'm sure our users would rather have working phones than being able to view who used them.

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Re: 3C10116D Digital Line Card - "Card" Led amber

ISDNreadr is a pretty low level task....

you should upgrade to 6.5.23 and use CDR 6.0.22.. those are the two that work together so you should

have no issue.


With that said, I am not sure this will even fix your issue....

you should open a case with HP (not sure they are still fixing bugs).

When event occurs, do an "i" command on the card,

then do a

tt tISDNReadr

ti tISDNReadr


This will give HP developers some info to go on.. I am not sure if they are still fixing bugs on the NBX,

but worth a shot !!!!


also, can you swap the lines? would be interesting to see if this follows the line or the card.. if you swap

the line and issue occurs on another card, I would say it is a line issue, even though telco said no.. granted,

the task should not suspend, but the telco line would be sending something that is causing that.