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3Com NBX SIP Connection To Shoretel PBX?

Valued Contributor

3Com NBX SIP Connection To Shoretel PBX?

A customer wants to interoffice-dial between an nbx to a shoretel system, through a non-NATed vpn. Is this even possible?


Are 6.5 licenses available anymore?


Before I venture down this road, I'd like to know if anyone has successfully integrated the NBX with another 3rd party SIP PBX.

Established Member

Re: 3Com NBX SIP Connection To Shoretel PBX?

Yes, my company was able to integrate our 3COM NBX's in remote offices to our Mitel system before we completed our full migration to Mitel.  It was very simple, you just have to create a 3rd party SIP connection.  As for 6.5 licenses, you just need a 6.0 license, then you're free to install 6.5.