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4 Digit Dialing “No IP Resources”

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4 Digit Dialing “No IP Resources”

I have 3 NBX Systems. 1 at a home office, and 1 at each of my 2 branch offices, both of which have a direct connection to the home office. All running R6.0.14


I can 4 digit dial to and from  branch A to the home office with no problems.


Office B is a different story. 4 Digit dialing from Home office to Branch B works, but it instantly goes to the users voicemail. And the "straight to voicemail" button is NOT on..


4 digit dialing FROM the branch B, TO the home office gives a "no IP resources" error on the phone.


I should note that the second office is a new addition that has just been set up for the first time. so this isnt a case of something that was working before and recently broke. Any ideas?


I looked in the dial plan of the main site and found entries for Branch A, and just made an addtl entry for office B, just changing the 2 digit extension prefix and the IP to the NBX, plus a couple of other minor changes, and that gave me the ability to dial, but as i said before, it goes straight to voicemail.


I looked in the dial plan for both remote sites and made similar changes in Branch B using the working NBX as a reference, but that got me nowhere. What should i be looking for here? When i run the "QUERY REMOTE" in Virtual Connections>Virtual Tie Lines between Home office and Branch B it is successful both ways.


I am certainly willing to post up any logs, just let me know. Thanks in advance!





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Re: 4 Digit Dialing “No IP Resources”

Solved it folks. Here is the article that helped me.




I already had the license, and IP protocol set to "IP on the Fly". The only thing i had to do was go to System Wide Settings> IP settings> IP address Ranges> and add an IP range (14 Ip addresses is what i included in my range) and saved it. didnt even have to reboot. it worked both to and from both buildings. Hope this helps someone else.