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All Ports Busy

Thomas Hobson
Occasional Contributor

All Ports Busy

Hello to all,


I have a problem...


For what I understand, our NBX V3000 (running system R6.0.31) blocks itself at total random intervals. I need to reboot the system so that we can make outgoing calls again.


When the system goes into this "freeze or weird" mode, on the phones we get the message "All ports busy" when we try to make an outside call. Internal calls are OK.


Is anyone else experiencing this kind of problem? What might be the cause of the problem? What can I check out?


I tryed going thru the log files, but I don't really know what to look out for.


Of course, the ports are not busy. It's the system that gone bad.


Thanks for the help.


Andrew Hobson

Occasional Advisor

Re: All Ports Busy

Are you using an analog line card? or a digital line card? Whichever you are using, what is the status of it when the system is in "freeze mode"?


How long after a reboot does it take for the system to mess up again?