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Business phone license

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Business phone license

On the NBXV3001R system we have up and running I can only get 10 phones to talk to the CPU.....this corresponds to the 10 Group 2 Licenses we have.......when we bought the system the guy told me that it came with 15 licenses for the 3102 business phones.......on the paper work I have is list the Group 2 liceses and then

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1 Group #5 license - #3C10415

I assume this is the correct license for the other 15 phone but do not know for sure......if someone can verifly that let me know.......or a place where it actually says that would help too............thanks.......

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Re: Business phone license

3c10415 is a license for a 3105 Attendant console.

the 3102 phones require a group 2 license which is 3c10412.

go to you License page/ Details and see what licenses are listed.. the V3001R does come with 15 group 2 licenses which you should see in the details page. If you do not see them, then your V3001R is not reading the eprom correctly . YOu should open a case for this issue.