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Button Mapping - Pickup Extension

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Button Mapping - Pickup Extension

NBX100, R4_1_77

Newbie trying to understand button mappings. We have two people in the same room... call them admin1 & admin2. Inbound callers who press zero for the office rings at admin1. Great, but when admin1 steps out, and the admin1 phone rings, admin2 would like to push a button and pick up the call. I have tried "Bridged Extensions" & "Pickup Ext." Neither seem to do what I had in mind, i.e. pickup the other admin's extension.

Maybe I am not doing it right. On Admin2's button I add "Bridged Extension" and enter admin1's ext (100). On the Device configuration panel when I push the "Bridged Extension" button the list comes up empty.

I tried pickup Extension (added the other admin's ext.) with same result. After applying the buttons, they do not seem to have any effect.

I would like this to work if another extension dials admin1, also.

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Re: Button Mapping - Pickup Extension

OK, I think I figured it out. What I want is "Directed Pickup" (DP nnn). Under Speed Dials, you can create a Directed pickup, and give it a pseudo ext. and a real extension that will be picked up. You map the pseudo ext to a button. Now when the button is pushed it dereferences the pseudo ext number and picks up the real number. Interesting that it needs that level of indirection.


Re: Button Mapping - Pickup Extension

Seems as though it would be easier, if you would just put the 2 of them into a Pickup Group of their own (perhaps Pickup Group 501, for instance); then under button mappings, map a button on each of their phones, as PG501.

That way when a call rings for either of them, the other would just press the mapped 'PG501' button, and be able to pick up that call

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Re: Button Mapping - Pickup Extension

R4.1.77 is a very old version of code . A lot of features for button mappings were fixed in later releases . I would suggest a review of the release notes as well  in R4.3 and R5.0 code(s) .

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Re: Button Mapping - Pickup Extension

I found this thread just when I needed it.  I add my two phone extensions to pickup group 509.  I then mapped a button to pg509 for the users telephone group.  I had a user call the first telephones extension and I was able to pick up the call on the second telephone.  However the second telephone in the group did not ring.  Ring is set to yes on the button mapping screen.  Is there anything else I should look at?  I am using 6.5.22.