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CDR XML file

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CDR XML file

I am working on a software utility that will decode the daily generated CDR XML file from the NBX to generate billing reports for International calls based on called country codes and call duration.

I have come across odd CDR records inside these XML files, that I can not explain.

My findings about these strange records is that they all have the following parameters:


1 (Means it is outgoing)

International (Means CoS is International)

is always our PRI trunk channel

is user extension (1100 for example)



B3.P11=B4.P1=1100 (User extension)

B4.P11=009xxxxx (International number)


In normal CDR records, the first party role (B3.P5) is ORIG, while the second party role (B4.P5) is TERM. In the odd CDR records, as you can see that both B3.P5 as well as B4.P5 are TERM! How can both the parties be terminating (TERM)?

Can this be a bug? NBX is V3001R, Software= 6.0.63

I can not upgrade to 6.5 currently.

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Re: CDR XML file

I have registered with open.3com trying to get technical reference document of NBX CDR XML generated data. I have found one for VCX platform, but I could not find the one for NBX platform. Does anybody have any knowledge about existance of such a reference document?

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Re: CDR XML file

here is a mapping:

XML Tag Name Acronym

Date B0

CallNo B1

CallType B2

Party1 B3

Party2 B4

Party3 B5

Party4 B6

StartTime B7

CallAnsweredTime B8

Duration B9

Notes B10

Cos B11

AuthCode B12

CallComplete B13

GlobalCallId B14

HG B16

CosExt B17


Name P2

Dept P3

DeviceType P4

PartyType P5

CallPrivacy P6

PreviousCallId P7

AccountCode P8

AccountName P9

DialedDigits P10

CallerId P11

Facd A

Fmwb M

Fwp W

Fmct P15

Fea P16

EntryTime A1


ACDName A3


EntryCode A5

ExitTime A6

ExitCode A7

TransferExt A8

AgentName A9

TermTime A10

ShiftId A11

CallINACDExtCount A12

ACDCallForwardReason A13

TalkTime A14

MonitorTime M1

WhisperTime M2

BargedInTime M3

InvokedExtension M4

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Re: CDR XML file

Straight from the help file:


Call Report Fields
Report Column Name

The day on which the call was made.

Call #
The call sequence number. Reset every day.

Global Call Id
Call Id generated by the server application.

Call Type
The type of call. OUT=outgoing, IN=incoming, INT= Internal. Note: the raw data is represented as 0 for internal, 1 for outgoing, and 2 for incoming.

Start Time
The starting time for the call.

Answered Time
The time when the call was answered.

The duration of the call in seconds.

Indicates whether the call was answered. 0 = No. 1 = Yes. (0 appears if the call is forwarded)

Indicates whether the call terminated to the Auto Attendant (AA) or Voice Mail (VM).

Call Class of Service (CoS) is displayed.

CoS Override Ext
The extension of the resulting party after the CoS Override feature is used.

Hunt Group
The Hunt Group number (if the call terminated in a hunt group).

Route Point Ext.
The extension of the route point.

Not currently used.

The details for the first party in the call.

The details for the second party in the call.

The details for the third party in the call.

The details for the fourth party in the call.

The party’s extension.

The party’s name.

This identifies whether the party is Orig/Term 1- Orig and 0 - Term

The party’s department.

Device Type
The type of party’s device. Possible values are:



Terminal (phone)

Call Group

Hunt Group



Account Code
The account code associated with the call, if entered.

Account Name
The account name associated with the call, if entered.

Caller ID
The Caller Id on an incoming call.

Dial Digit
The dialed digits on an outgoing call.

Call Privacy
This field is present when the call privacy is enabled for that user. It has a value of 0 for disabled and 1 for enabled.

Prvs Call Id
The Global Call Id of the previous call from where the party merged in. Used in case of Transfer/Conference.

ACD Name
The name of the current ACD.

The name of the current ACD extension.

The in-caller dialed digits.

Transfer Ext
The actual extension the call is transferred to:

Agent Name
If the call is answered by the agent, the name of the agent.

Talk Time
After agent pick-up, calculate the talk time until the agent / incaller hangs up.

Entry Code
The code that identifies where a call originated:

"HG"/"ACD" (from another Hunt Group or ACD)

"AA " (from an auto-attendant)

"EXT" (from internal (non ACD) extension)

"PSTN" (from an external number)

Exit Code
Code that tells how a call was handled:

"HG" or ACD to another hunt group or ACD

"AA" to an auto-attendant

"EXT" to internal (non ACD) extension

"PSTN" to an external number

"VM" to Voice Mail Extension

"HU" incaller hung up

"ANS" call answered

Entry Time
The time at which the call entered the given hunt group.

Exit Time
The time at which the call is transferred to the agent or transferred to another ACD queue, VM or AA. The difference between the Entry and Exit stamps represent the hold time in the queue.

Term Time
The time at which the call is either hung up by the in-caller while in queue, after speaking to an agent, when transferred to AA or VM, or forwarded to another ACD or Hunt Group.

Call INACD Ext.
The number of calls in the queue for the ACD group at this point in time.

Shift ID
Uniquely identifies an ACD shift.

Domain Name
The domain name to which the monitored user belongs.

Invoking Ext.
The extension from which supervisory monitoring (Monitor, Whisper, or Barge-In) was invoked.

Invoked Ext.
The extension of the user on which the supervisor has invoked any of the Monitor, Whisper, or Barge-In features.

The duration that the Monitor, Whisper, or Barge-in was active.

Monitor Time
The time stamp of the last time that Monitor was invoked.

Whisper Time
The time stamp of the last time that Whisper was invoked.
Note: When a WhisperPage attempt is declined by the listener before the speaker is connected (by pressing DND or hanging up), the record is logged in CDR. The invoking and invoked extensions are recorded with a call duration of "0." The timestamp for when the WhisperPage attempt was started is set to "12:00:00am."

Bargedin Time
The time stamp of the last time that Barge-In was invoked.

This XML tag contains the MCT feature data if it exists. Not currently used.

This XML tag contains the MCT feature data if it exists. Not currently used.

Call Forward
This field indicates how the incoming call was handled by the ACD group:
None: indicates that the call was picked up.
Automatic: indicates that the call timed out and was sent to the group’s call coverage.
Manual: indicates that the call was responded to by a group member using an In-Queue Digit.
Close: indicates that the ACD group was closed when the call came in.