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Call Report issue Version: R5_0_31

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Call Report issue Version: R5_0_31

My customer looks at call reports every day, recently it won't download the records, seems to think it is done immediately.  If in the call report app. I Purge all records (local deletion on pc) then it does download records.


I now believe it is because one record is dated 2/5/2106
Is there a way to just delete this record?


will purging from

Reports - Call Reporting - Purge CDR  

delete all the records?


what are your thoughts?

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Re: Call Report issue Version: R5_0_31


you can ftp into the nbx and go to /htfs0/cdr.

look for the file that is named with the date 2/5/2016 and you can delete that.

Then you should purge all the cdr records on your PC (not on the NBX)

and redo the download.

however, not sure this will fix the issue.. might be something else going on.