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Call Waiting with ATA

Call Waiting with ATA

We have an NBX v3001 analog that we've had no issues with, thankfully. Have to re-evaluate come next year, though. Such a shame to have thrown so much money down the drain when there won't be any more support...


The quick question I have is that we have an analog Polycom conference phone in our boardroom, connected through an ATA. Making outgoing calls and tying them into a conference is easy. However, INCOMING calls are a pain. The ATA seems to only be able to accept the first call (or be on an outgoing one). Any other incoming calls will go straight to the attendent, since voicemail isn't set up on this extension. The one time it didn't, it rang and rang on the caller's end, but the Polycom didn't beep or signal that a second call was trying to get through.


Is there any way to accomplish this? Or am I just missing a setting somewhere. I'd missed the 'Forward to Attendent' check box earlier on, but now I'm pretty sure all of the settings are where they're supposed to be.

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Re: Call Waiting with ATA

ATA is really only 1 line.

So, if you are on a call, any other call will go whatever you have set for  the Call coverage point in the User