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Caller Id by Department

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Caller Id by Department



 I have adopted this phone system from a customer of mine who's phone guy moved. They moved from analog to PRI.

I have been able to get everything setup to thier liking but one issue I cant seem to resolve is outbound caller ID per department.

Right now I have the main number showing.

I think I'm close to getting this resolved but my google searches are now just showing me the same material I've already read.

Here is an example

If ext 100 dials out then the main number would display on the caller id

If ext 101(different department) dials out then thier department DID xxxxxx1200 will show in the Caller ID

if ext 103(different department) dials out then their department DID xxxxxx1100 will show in the Caller ID

and so farth and so on

Let me know what data you need and I will post it asap.

This is a v3000 running v6.0.63


Any help is greatfull. Thanks!!!

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Re: Caller Id by Department

After playing around alittle bit i think i was able to get this resolved. I had to enter all the exts into the dial plan. Then replace them with what department outbound i wanted. Then go into the pretranslator and add the ext's to that pretranslator. Then add all the pri to the that pretranslator CLI. Tested and so far so good. I can post code sniplets if anyone else needs visual reference.

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Re: Caller Id by Department

Hello, I have the same issue. I have hp msr 30-40 acting as a SIp gateway in Lync 2013 setup. Outbound calls are okay but they are going out with the general  line number instead of the DID. Can anyone assist me on how to enable outbound calls with their DID.