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DHCP Server crashed, NBX not booting

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DHCP Server crashed, NBX not booting



Last week in one of our small offices, were we have the last site with a nbx 100 still in use. There's nobody left in my company that has any knowledge on the NBX 100 systems.  Well, the dhcp server that BSOD supported this NBX and I'm trying to get the NBX up by configurng a cisco switch DHCP service to replace the dead windows 2000 server.


I've only set dhcp option 184 with the hex IP of the LAN IP of the NBX itself,

valid DHCP parameters received

ip address:

NCP IP address:

DHCP IP address Released

delete net gateway

sending download me to ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff

loops from here


I'm wondering if the NCP IP address is different than the LAN interface IP. I have the backups of this pbx but where if anywhere would I find this IP?