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DTMF on R6.5.22 code

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DTMF on R6.5.22 code

Someone posted this question a while ago and I cannot find the post or who sent it but here is the answer : .

R6.5.22 using DTMF digits and they are not sounding right .

We do not pass dtmf from an analog device ( INternal ATA ) to a 31xx type of device but we do pass dtmf from analog to analog devices. ( tested out FXS to FXO - ATA to TLIM and FXS to FXS - ATA to ATA .

I tested in my lab and found that from an FXO ( internal ATA ) that the digits were fine . I tested dialing out to another system and using the AA via the FXO - TLIM internal ports . Everything seems to be fine .

No DTMF issues found on either internal or external analog devices .


R6.5.22 code

approx 10 tels

Brand new database with notging on it

PRI Circuit

TLIM lines


Re: DTMF on R6.5.22 code

That would be me Rich, but my comment was mainly that when you dial it on a 3103 phone, it "sounds" off coming out of the speaker, not what the telco is getting.... only started with .22

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Re: DTMF on R6.5.22 code


I'll test today on a 3103 tel ....

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Re: DTMF on R6.5.22 code

hi. There was a fix that went into 6.5.22 that changed the DTMF's, but only the way they sound.

There was an incident when on speakerphone that the DTMF's were "leaking" out... so users of a certain application were getting "no such login" when they entered dtmfs on speakerphone. That is because we would send a legitimate "1", then the speakerphone would pick up the sound and send a non-legal "1". Even though it was non-legal, this certain appliation was picking it up.

So, we changed only the sound.. that is all. The DTMF's being sent are still within the spec. Some will notice this change.. most others will not

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Re: DTMF on R6.5.22 code

We have a similar issue.  When we dial outbounf the DTMF tones are not reconized.  If we dial out to a cell phone and attempt to access the VM the tomes don't work.



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Re: DTMF on R6.5.22 code

what version of code ? analog line outbound or digital ?