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Data Base Corruption?

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Data Base Corruption?


I have an NBX v3001R 6.5.22 code, NIP mode

Last week I had a phone in an acd group that would not take acd calls.

 Resetting the phone didnt work.

I completely removed the phone from all groups and then deleted phone and User from database.

I then reinstated user and phone and put back in groups.

It still wasnt working. I then thought I would need to reboot the system  to have the phone come back.

I scheduled  the reboot for after hours.

An hour later I got the report that the phone had started to take calls but  callers couldn't hear them.

Had user stop using that phone.

The system crashed 15 minutes after that,

hyper term showed--** Illegal Index (52) for collection with 52 elements

** Processing Suspended.

I was told, this is an indication of the database being corrupted.

MY long wided question is,----could a phone cause the system database to become corrupt.

After the system was rebooted using CTRL R. It ran fine. the phone in question worked fine and system was ok.

For a day.

This past Friday at  510 PM it did the error and stopped. No bad phone smoking gun though,

I Did the CTRL R and it did not restart. Had to physically power cycle unit.

System back up and ran all weekend and monday.

Tuesday at 5 12 PM same error and and stopped.

CTRL  R worked.

I am now waiting to see what happens today at 5.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Prayers?



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Re: Data Base Corruption?

A user could be corrupted, but I have seen this with ACD groups.

Check your ACD groups, the Status page. Look at Total Members and Total Members Logged In and Out

and they should add up appropriately.... if not, then delete the ACD group and rebuild.