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Desktop Assistant has to be restarted

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Desktop Assistant has to be restarted


I am using the Desktop Call Assistant.. I start it up and everything is fine.. however, if I do not use it for 20 or 30 minutes, then it will not work anymore.

I have to kill it and restart it. .then it will work again as long as I am using it .. however, if I go to lunch, it will not work again and I have to restart it.

any ideas???

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Re: Desktop Assistant has to be restarted


You don't say if your PC is on the same subnet as the NBX or not... check if it is or not.

If it is not, then is there a router or firewall between you and the NBX?? could be something

is killing the TCP connection

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Re: Desktop Assistant has to be restarted

Thank you for the help.

PC is on a different subnet from the NBX..

I found out that, although they told me there is just a router between us, there is a Sonic Firewall. The firewall was set to kill unused TCP connections after 15 minutes !!!

We set it to the maximum of 8 hours and the issue is fixed.

Thank you again for your help.