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Desktop Call Assistant


Desktop Call Assistant

Have some people who are set on using DCA on their computers. They have the latest version installed and latest TAPI installed but the application constantly crashes on all computers, windows XP, windows Vista. All systems are up to date with the patches.

The gets a generic error message, am going to try and get a screen shot but haven't got one as yet.

I would assume it is some patch that microsoft released that kills the application but I am hoping that someone may be able to tell me I'm wrong, or right and how to fix this?

If anyone has had any similar problems with DCA please let me know as some people are getting a little annoyed.

Thanks in advance.


Super Advisor

Re: Desktop Call Assistant

What NBX Code ?

What TAPI Code ?

What DCA code ?

I have not heard ogf multiple crahsing on XP PRO machines running the latest SP , I believe is 3 .

Check and make sure that you ar elogged on as an admin , no dep encryption or any other programs that may interfere with the software . We would need smoe more info but a lot of these are PC related or network related .


Re: Desktop Call Assistant

NBX Code: 6_0_63

Just upgraded last night to 6_5_18 and will try out with the new TAPI driver.

Tapi Driver 6_0_4

DCA Client 6_0_10

The XP machines are using SP3, as far as I know there isn't anything on them that is different to the standard machines.

Flat network, 3com switches, V3001. Application used to work, never had any problems but then probably about a year ago things stopped working. We tried several things at the time and downloading and installing the newer version seemed to fix some computers but i was again asked about it yesterday so figured i would try the forums see if anyone else has had problems with it.