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Disable DID Calls

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Disable DID Calls

Is there any way to disable Direct Inward Dialing?  We would like all incoming calls from external numbers to go to a hunt group or the AA depending on time of day, but if a device has the same last 4 digits of one of the external numbers, it bypasses the setup and goes directly to that device instead.  Any instructions would be a great help.


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Re: Disable DID Calls

In your dial plan / pretranslators you can send any unused dids to any location that you want

Create one each entry for every did :

pretranslatorentrycreate = DIDnumber ( 4 7 or 10 digits  ex : 2150

pretranslatoroperationcreate = NBX location ( hunt group ex: 4010 )

Each entry is for one did .

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