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Dual NBX's - A strange idea.

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Dual NBX's - A strange idea.

Is it possible for two NBX's to use the same PRI lines without using a VTL if they are on the same network.  Currently we have an NBX v5000 runing R6.5.22P03 that has two PRI lines in an expansion chasis.  We are getting ready for a major upgrade that will more than likely create a large increase in phone calls coming in from remote locations via VTL's.  We are in the center of our orginization and I would love to set aside our call  center from everyone else and give them the NBX with the most VTL's.  One NBX has 27 VTL's and another has 21 VTL's.  At our normal call volume I have seen up 16 VTL's in use at the same time.  I would really like to try and avoid customers not getting calls answered.


I know that the dialplans at the remote locations would have to be updated as well but before I put the time into redesigning the dial plans I would like to know if it might be possible.


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Re: Dual NBX's - A strange idea.

In sip mode with a gateway only . Not wiht the NBX chasiss as the NBX will only allow one mac address to one PRI card .