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External call routing to ext 101 not ext 100. 3com NBX V3000

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External call routing to ext 101 not ext 100. 3com NBX V3000

HI All

I hope someone can shed some light on my issue.


I have taken over the IT at a school and recently they had a fire which burnt one of the NBX phones. External calls use to route to this phone in reception and this phone had the extension 100.

I logged into the NBX and deleted the old burnt phone with extension 100 and added a the new phone to ext. 100. Everything worked great accept when I tested the external analogue number with my mobile phone. The external calls now route to phone extension 101.

This makes sense when the NBX couldn’t see the phone with extension 100 it routed the incoming calls automatically to the next extension in the group which is 101.


This was fine for the time being as I just swapped the two phones over phsyically. However I now need to reverse the external calls back from 101 to 100.


Any ideas how to do this? I have looked though all the settings and read the PDFs but I want to get this right the first time and I don’t want the calls to jump to ext 102 and I want to minimise the time the phones are offline.


Software Version:  R6_0_14

File System: NBXFSV2


Let me know if you need any exact information like the current dial plan details and I will post them up.

Thanks in advanced.