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Hunt Group help

Hunt Group help

i have an nbx 100 and i want to know how to access the hunt group voicemail on the system. like how do i listen to to voice mails in hunt group 4659


Re: Hunt Group help

You can access the VM of the Hunt Group just like any VM extension not assigned to a phone.


Listening from Any Internal 3ComTelephone:

To listen to your messages from any 3Com Telephone other than your
own within your NBX system:
1 Pick up the handset and press the Message button.
2 Press * and dial your extension. You hear your name announcement.
3 Dial your password and press #.


You are now in the Hunt Group's VM and can use the same buttons you use to make changes to your own extension's VM.


NOTE:  You must know the VM password set-up for the HG when it was established.


Good Luck.