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Inbound Call Delay-V3000

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Inbound Call Delay-V3000

I manage 8 3Com systems (V3000s and V3001s) all running revision 6 code. The system at my HQ office runs 6_0_63 which I will upgrade tomorrow night to 6_5_22.

The issue is when the CEO calls into the office, auto attendant answers, he presses 0 and gets the receptionist. The receptionist speaks but he cant hear her the first time. The second time she speaks everything is fine and the call goes on. I have tested this myself from my cell, my desk phone and it happens to me as well. The issue is sporadic. Teh call timer is counting when she answers the call and she says it get as high as 10 seconds before the CEO can hear here.

The front desk uses a 3102b phone (I have replaced it) and an 1105 attendant console. Both use ext 3099. I do not run in SIP mode. I have an ISDN PRI using NI2. I have heard there is delay with bridged extension appearances. Is the 1105 and the 3102 with the same ext a BEA and would that cause the issue?

There is also the same delay when answering a parked call. When you answer and say, "Hello" the person doesnt here you. You must say Hello again.

Any ideas?

I have all my systems connected via MPLS and I use VTLs. I consider myself an expert with this systems but this little issues are the toughest.

Michael J Barnett

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Re: Inbound Call Delay-V3000

without a trace and log ( case would need to be opened ) I can only speculate some sort of network delay on the audio . We use ports 2093 2094 2095 and 2096 for NBX audio and call control . I would make sure you are running either 6.0.63 or 6.5.22 code . Maybe an upgrade could help solve this . R6.5.22 code has a lot of fixes in it as well . I would stay in NBX ( NIP ) mode and not go to SIP . No benefits of going to sip and a lot of changes to your other sites . Keep it simple ....

All of your sites dfo not have to be upgraded at the sma etime . It is a good idea to keep them on the same code but you can do a couple a nite versus doing all of them the same nite . R6.0 and R6.5 will play in the same arena ok .