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Incoming SIp Trunk to NBX

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Incoming SIp Trunk to NBX



We are switching from our T-1 based phone lines to a SIP Trunking provider.


I have a NBX V3000 with R6.0.40 software.  We have about 15 phones, 5 full time users.


I am not at all clear on how to connect these two things.  


It would appear that I can upgrade the NBX to 6.5.x software and add memory and use it in SIP mode, but some people say that is not a good solution.  If this will work, I assume everything physically connects over my ethernet network?


If that won't work, is there some Gateway or other "magic box" that I can install on the SIP trunk that would send the SIP calls to the NBX via the analog line inputs or the T-1 card?


Thanks in advance and sorry for the newbie questions.


Dave Whitworth





Re: Incoming SIp Trunk to NBX

Try the magic box:




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Re: Incoming SIp Trunk to NBX

A word of caution.. this has never been tested with the NBX... the Siparator has been tested with the VCX.

Since there are no more "bug" fixes, if this does not work, you are really on your own.....

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Re: Incoming SIp Trunk to NBX

Ingate says the Insiperator won't work.  Rocky was nice enough to give me some free advice to contact them in the first place and is also of the opinion that I shouldn't use the NBX in SIP mode.


I think the few people on the planet who actually know how this stuff works don't talk about it.  The rest of us are just guessing. :)


We are going to try to use a Cisco/Linksys SPA8000 to terminate the SIP and go into the NBX via the analog ports.  


If that doesn't work, rather than spend thousands on SIperators and other gateways, I would just purchase true VOIP phones and upgrade our service to hosted PBX.