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Intermittent call pickup issue on SS3 / V5000

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Intermittent call pickup issue on SS3 / V5000

I have a client with a larger footprint (170 devices) that has been having some intermittent issues when calls come in. The phone rings and the user picks up. Both the user and the caller then hear phone rings AND the conversation in their handsets and then the user's voice mail message playing. I haven't managed to confirm if they are then prompted to leave a message or if the calls are from the outside as well as internal (know internal for sure). It sounds like a network issue to me, but we'd done some work a couple of years ago to set things up right for multicast, IGMP, etc., based on 3com documentation and things had been fine ever since. The system has been rebooted since the time the issue was reported and is on 6.0.63. Waiting to hear back from the networking guy on site to see if they switched out any hardware since we did the IGMP/multicast work.


Has an issue like this ever come up with anyone else?

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Re: Intermittent call pickup issue on SS3 / V5000

We are seeing the same issue on a number of sites with 6.0.63 as well.  What type of LAN switches are you running?  Most of our complaints have been happening at sites that we've migrated from older Layer 2 switches or older 3Com 4500/5500 switch gear.  In fact, I don't believe we have a current complaint from a site with 4500/5500 gear - we have about 50 sites running with that LAN gear and NBX software, so it was happening at those sites we should be hearing about it more.


I'm glad someone else posted about this problem though, because I was worried nobody else had run into this yet.



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Re: Intermittent call pickup issue on SS3 / V5000

Apologies for the delay; I managed to get on-site last week but the client has yet to send the requested switch list; he did confirm that it's a mixture now. In this case a phone swap appears to have fixed the issue.