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IP Telephony - NBX
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License limit on Polycom phones

Boris L. Perlovsky
Occasional Advisor

License limit on Polycom phones

Hello - Does anyone know if there is a license limit on how many Polycom phones the NBX V5000 (SS3) can support?



Valued Contributor

Re: License limit on Polycom phones

Per the License requirements under licensing and upgrades/ license , the total is only One .


NBX R6.5.22 code

Trusted Contributor

Re: License limit on Polycom phones

hi. I just want to clarify.

The Polycom license that is listed in the license page is really for the Polycom IP3000 conference phone that is no longer sold. This was sold by 3com and required a license.


If you are running in SIP mode, then Polycom phones will count as a "3rd Party SIP phone" and come out of the Group 1 Device Licenses.


Hope this clarifies things.