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License registration

John Rubier
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License registration

Hi All,

I've heard that all licenses must be registered in eSupport before 5PM today or you are out of luck.

I've never actually had to use eSupport registration for licenses before (NBX 100 R_6 and IP on the Fly) so I'm assuming that those don't need to be registered (or do they?)

I just purchase 2 Polycom phone licenses that just arrived yesterday (3 weeks delivery time!) and am trying to register them as we speak. However, the system is moving so slow that I doubt they will both be done today by 5PM! 

My questions are:

Do the old licenses have to be registered in the system?

Am I going to be out of luck if these 2 Polycom licenses are not in eSupport by 5PM today?


Thanks in advance,



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Re: License registration

Agreed, I have 3 VTL's that need to be registered. The system wont even load.






Michael J Barnett

Telecom/Network Manager

Influent Inc

Dublin Oh 43017
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Re: License registration

You can contact support 800 876-3266 for now if you have a question  or an issue . There is a new process being put in place so esupport will be your best bet in the future ( new system like the old 3Com econnect )