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NBX 100 owner... migration path?

Tyler White
Occasional Contributor

NBX 100 owner... migration path?



I would like some recommendations from the forum about where I should be looking for a migration path.  I'm running the NBX 100 with 15 extensions (mix of 3102 and 2102 phones) and need off-site notify and continued use of a system like Telrex for call recording.


1.  Is HP getting out of the telephony business, or is the VCX line worth investigating?


2.  Is there any type of migration path to newer hardware that will allow me to make use of any of my existing equipment?


Thanks in advance for any advice!



Occasional Advisor

Re: NBX 100 owner... migration path?

Coming from and NBX reseller, I would look into Avaya IP Office. VCX has been put "on maintanance mode". Here is an article:



Let me know if this helps



Re: NBX 100 owner... migration path?

There's some great systems out there. I have dealt with the NBX systems since the 1.0 days and continue to support many NBX's. Currently install Shoretel and Asterisk/Linux. These are great solutions that are exciting to deal with. I doubt HP would continue any voice product. Since they can't determine where they want to be positioned as a company they are probably counting the days until they can discontinue support on the NBX products and VCX will follow.