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NBX 100 upgrade to v3000

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NBX 100 upgrade to v3000

I have a spare v3000 unit that was leftover from a dwonsize of one of the businesses my employer owns.  We currenlty have an NBX 100 in-house that I was considering updating with the v3000.  Can anyone tell me if any of the license upgrades can still be purchased to accompish this?  A quote we got a few years ago for doing something like this required us to purchase the following:


Phone System Swap Hardware (Replacing NBX100 with V3000)

1 3Com IP Virtual Tie Line 2 Port License $800.00

1 3Com NBX Uplink Card $180.00


I am just curious as I know most of the 3com Telephony stuff is EOL now.


Re: NBX 100 upgrade to v3000

The V3000 comes with 2 VTL licenses.  You can still get licenses from Inpath for your VTL's.  If your looking for a hub card for the NBX100 they can be found from resellers and on E Bay.