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NBX 3000 Pingable, but not working


NBX 3000 Pingable, but not working

This is a device that was put out of commission for awhile because the building shut down, but now that it has relocated we are using it again, so let me get to the point.


I had the device hooked up to the network, with a 3102 phone connected, but without any outside lines (digital line card/analog card) connected, so that i could prep the machine. it stayed this way for about 1 week with no issues. everytime i picked up the phone to add/edit the auto attendant, set up mailboxes, etc it responded.


However once i hooked the machine up for live use (analog line card) and tested it, it was fine, but after about 3 hours it stopped responding. if i tried to PING the device i would get replies, but when i try to access it via web browser nothing. Phones have no dial tone/ searching for nbx, obviously we arent recieving any calls. But once i do a hard boot and bring it back up it works for a couple of hours, then the same thing again. Any ideas? Thanks!


Version R6_0_59





Doing a little more research in  the forums, i found this..



Recently one of our V3000s started losing Memory and after 7 days it reaches that magical 4000k mark and the voicmail stops working and so does the web interface. I have to hard reset it just to get back up.

Nothing changed just prior to the problem starting. We are currently running R6_0_63.

Do you have any suggestions?

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Which are the same symptoms that i am having. Does anyone know where you can "check" your available memory to confirm that you indeed have a leak? 
Also, from within this thread it seems that people are suggesting it can be some sort of software problem? if so, i have 3 other NBX boxes that work fine and are in use. if I were to do a backup from one of them, and then restore that backup to the broken one and reconfigure it, do you think that would help/work? and what about the licenses? would that have any affect from a backup/ restore?
I dont have any addtl memory installed, and i have no problem doing so if it will FIX my issue. The origial thread was never updated by the person who had the problem, so i dont know if adding memory worked for him, and even if it did, he had TONS more devices, hunt groups, and mailboxes than me, so him needing more memory could be justified. Anyones help would be much appreciated.
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Re: NBX 3000 Pingable, but not working

try connecting a console cable to the NBX.

When the issue occurs, do an "i" command.. is anything suspended (other than the debugger process)?

It does sound that way

to look at memory you can type



Re: NBX 3000 Pingable, but not working

Thanks for the reply, but in the time being, i added a stick of memory, and was able to find the latest firmware update and applied that as well. I kind of wish i had done it one at a time so i could see which one actually fixed my issue, but i did them both back to back. Since then the device has worked without issue. But i certainly appreciate your response and hope that this helps anyone else who has a similar issue.



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Re: NBX 3000 Pingable, but not working

Remove port forwarding if you're using a public ip for remote access, and use a vpn.


I've seen this on other embedded-type PBXes (PBXii?) where apparently they can't close the connections quickly enough or get DOSed quite easily.