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NBX 6_5_18 SIP mode

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NBX 6_5_18 SIP mode

I am trying to change my NBX V3000 to SIP mode. We have upgraded to R6_5_18.I have couple of questions that i need some clarification on.

Do I need to purchase a SIP license?

Do I need to purchase the 3com IP messaging for features such as voice mail and auto attendant?

When I switch to SIP mode my 3101 phone work, but the 3102 business phones don't work, any thoughts?

Has one ever used the Native voice mail in SIP mode?

any help is appreciated


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Re: NBX 6_5_18 SIP mode

No you do not need to purchase a license if you are runing R6.0 software as the upgrade info is available on the partner site as well in pdf .

You do not have to purchase a voicemail server for the NBX in SIP mode as it now has its own built in .

A few voicemail caveats so download the manual and docs from our partner site .

Native NBX voicemail goes away but you can use SIP native voicemail . When you change over from NBX to SIP you lose ALL of your voice mails , AA's recordings , everything ! You must rebuild the native voiemail from scratch to work on sip due to a different audio codec G711 .

Not sure why the 3101 works and the 3102 does not . There should be no changes . Check your licenses etc . and make sure the devices are seeing the NBX as well . Could be network related or something else as I do not know of any issues that may cause thisw when rebooting from R6.0 to R6.5.18 .

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