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NBX E164 Issues

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NBX E164 Issues


I have an issue regarding the E164 numbering plan.

A few months ago it was brought to my attention that some of our buildings when dialing out were displaying our main office number as the caller ID. When we investigated with CenturyTel (our PRI provider) we were told that we need to adhear to the E164 standards for transmission of both our ISDN/telephony numbering plan and our national number. Having looked into this a bit I think I'm looking at changing our pretranslators or adding to them. Can anyone enlighten me on this?




Re: NBX E164 Issues

Do you have analog lines or a T1 conection?

If you have a T1 conection you can change it using pretranslators for outgoing devices, also you have to make sure that your TELCO give you enough DID to work with. Also check the admin guide and the installation guide.

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Re: NBX E164 Issues

You may have to add an entry to your pretranslator to specify a dial plan type to telco . It seems that on a default set up the telco should be using a default dial plan of national for the calls . However this is not being done at the carrier level so the prtranslator will assign a national type to the call . Sometimes the Q931 set up message does not include all of the info for caller id .

On my pretrans 2 below note that I added in a line for the ISDNNumberType . This will send the National type of dial plan to your carrier and should resolve your issue . let me know how you make out ?

PreTranslator Create 2 Caller ID

PreTranslatorISDNNumberType 2 2

/ PreTransId Entry Digits

/ ---------- ----- ------

PreTranslatorEntry Create 2 1 1

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Re: NBX E164 Issues

I followed your suggestion here but the NBX gave me an error as it is looking for an opperation:

PreTransId Entry OperId Operation Value

/ ---------- ----- ------ --------- -----

PreTranslatorOperation Create

What should the opperation be?

Also in this statement:

PreTranslatorISDNNumberType 2 2

What does the 2 2 represent?

I understand the bianary for ISDN is 1 but you lost me here.

Sorry this is a little confusing to me.