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NBX LIcensing from R5 to R6


NBX LIcensing from R5 to R6



I have recently taken over support of another ex-3Com dealer's customers.  Most of them are currently on 5.0, and everyone of my customers are on R6.5.


I would very much like to get everyone on the same reease as that makes troubleshooting, training and maintenance much easier.


Are the R5 to R6 license keys still available, as they are not listed on the newest HP Pricing spreadsheet.


Also, any thought as to if HP, once support is cut off totally, would open up the licensing to the remiaining NBX customers so that they can continue to keep their systems running.


Thanks for the great resource, especially you Merlin.




An ex-3Com engineer,


Mike Friedkin

Valued Contributor

Re: NBX LIcensing from R5 to R6

Yes to your questions . There are no plans to remove any licensing from our systems yet . Contact your local sales rep or one of the suppliers and You will be able to get the licenses . Thx for the Kudos !!!