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NBX V3000 BRI No D Channel

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NBX V3000 BRI No D Channel

Hi There,


I was hoping someone can give me some quick pointers. Our V3000 BRI dropped midcall yesterday and after a power cycle we can't make any outgoing calls. We plugged in a spare NBX we had kicking around and it seems to do the same thing. All the spans, groups and channels appear to be online, in the status of the spans it says "D Channel Status: Down". When I dial out I can see the phone system trying each channel one by one before the phones report "All Lines Busy". 


I phoned BT, they said there wasnt a problem with the line, they sent an engineer out with a Ber tester who was able to get a dial tone and ring out. I'm clueless as to where else we can take this, the BT engineer was pretty clueless and admitted he didnt even know how to use the tester (he had to phone someone to talk them through it) so I'm taking what he says with a pinch of salt.


Can anyone out there advise if there is a setting im missing on the V3000 or if there could be some issue on the IDSN line that the engineer missed? I don't know much about the IDSN side of things but if someone could even give me a point in the right direction it would be greatly appriciated.


Many Thanks,




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Re: NBX V3000 BRI No D Channel

Did you try replacing the  card ? You may have an issue with the card .